Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a proxy server which downloads the webpage you requested and then displays the web page to you through an encrypted URL. All you do is type in the web site you want to visit and you will be taken there promptly and securely.Since your computer doesn't make a connection to the server, (only ours does), it allows you to view the url totally anonymously; information about you and your computer simply isn't gathered by that website.

Will your sevice prevent my boss from seeing the sites I've visited?
No. only shields data from the websites that you are visiting.
If you're conerned abut sensitive information regarding your web surfing that is stored on your computer you may wish to try our unique "Cover Your Tracks!" Software program. "Cover Your Tracks!" is designed to erase your "trail" and replace the visited sites with other, more appropriate sites (if you wish).
Click Here for more information on "Cover Your Tracks!".

Why should I be concerned about my privacy?
This information, such as your IP address, and ISP, collected by a certain website can be used to cause potential security risks. Anybody can use your IP address to cause malicious harm to your computer, it can be used for leakage of personal information, such as your address, and name. All in all, the Internet is the most insecure place out there, so take precautions.

What information can people find out about me?
Anything really, your IP address, your ISP, your name, your email address, programs you have on your hard drive, your web-browser, screen-depth, operating system, where you're from, download files from your computer to a server, what's on your clipboard, whether Java/JavaScript/VBScript/Cookies are working or on, who owns your network, and much more.

Can I use your service to download or share files with services like "Kazaa"?
Sorry, no.

Can I access my webmail anonymously from my providers site?
In most cases, YES! However, you will most likely need to activate "cookies" through our control panel.

Can I use your service if I'm using MAC/Linux/or other non-windows computer'?
YES! is a can be used through any modern web browser. You don't need to download anything to your computer.

I sometimes get a message that a page is not going to be anonymous...what does this mean?
If you are warned that a page will not be accessed anonymously that usually means the page is already encrypted (using SSL technology). Because these pages are already encrypted is bypassed.

Is there a limit to how much I can use your service?
No, you may use our service as much as you wish.

I would like to use your service at home and at work, do I need two separate accounts?
No, you may use our service from any computer with just one account. You may not, however, log in with the same account from two different computers simultaneously.

How do I cancel my subscription?
You may cancel your subscription at any time through your PayPal account. For complete details on how to cancel a subscription please visit .

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