GenericSurf.com provides a safe, affordable and convenient way for you to surf the web anonymously. Why Pay More?

The Internet is full of potential risks to your privacy and security. When you surf the web without adequate privacy protection you put your personal information at risk.

What can people find out about you?

  • Which web pages you visit
  • Software and other files on your computer
  • Chatroom activity
  • Your Geographical Location
  • Your computers IP address

Protect yourself from the prying eyes of advertisers, spammers, hackers, surveillance agencies and fraud artists by surfing with GenericSurf.com.

For total privacy be sure to read about our Cover Your Tracks! software which will clean your computer of all your websurfing adventures.

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  • 100% anonymous web browsing
  • Disable cookies, ads, javascript, and more.
  • Accessible from any web browser.
  • No downloads required
  • Access your account from work or home

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